Become a Member


Now might be the perfect time to become a member at First Presbyterian.  

Membership Exploration:
October 14 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  in the library 
Contact Jean Tharin in the church office at 843-681-3696 for information and to register.


At FPC, we offer two types of membership – active or affiliate.

Active Membership – a full or part-time resident desiring to join FPC as their primary church home, by profession of faith, reaffirmation of faith or Letter of Transfer from another church.

Affiliate Membership – a temporary or part-time resident who is active in FPC’s mission work and worship and wishes to maintain active membership in another church.

There is a place for you!
Throughout the year, Membership Exploration classes are held with our pastors and Membership+Evangelism Committee members.   The classes provide an opportunity to meet others, learn about our church’s mission and values, hear our pastors’ faith stories and begin connecting in our large church. There is no expectation that you will join, though we admit we are hopeful God leads you in that direction!  This opportunity allows you to meet our pastors, learn about FPC’s mission and values, explore being a Presbyterian and to finding your niche at First Presbyterian Church. We welcome a chance to answer your questions about becoming a member of our church. During the last class session, if you have so decided, you will be asked the questions of membership to formalize joining our church. You will be formally introduced to the congregation the following Sunday.