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History of the First Presbyterian Church Columbarium:

2012-03-31 Columbarium 005-BBFrom the earliest Christian times, the Church has seen as its responsibility the lifelong care of its members. In the Church we are baptized, educated, confirmed and married. Consistent with that ministry, the Church also supports church families in time of death.

In keeping with First Presbyterian’s ministry of care to its members, a columbarium was conceived in 1983 and a board of trustees was established by Session to oversee its design and construction. The columbarium is a memorial garden beautifully situated on the grounds of the church campus and was created as a resting place for the ashes of deceased members and their and their immediate families, as well as for present and former clergy and their immediate families. Since its inception, the columbarium has become a special place of prayer, of dignity and peace.

The building of the columbarium began in phases to be extended to a capacity of 1,200 units. Today, there are 12 sections with almost 900 niches. The project was financed by those who decided that FPC was their wish as a final resting place. In the Christian tradition, the Church has offered its grounds as a final resting place for its members.  We continue this tradition enriching our own ministry of care and support.

Since its inception in 1983, the columbarium has been overseen by a Board of Trustees,  responsible for overseeing and monitoring  construction and maintenance, all funds, and working with the church business administrator in maintaining contracts and records of people who have purchased niches.  Oversight of the columbarium is now under a subcommittee of the Finance Committee.

For information about purchasing a niche, contact Jean Tharin in the church office at 843-681-3696.