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“Will you be a faithful deacon, teaching charity, urging concern, and directing the people’s help to the friendless and those in need? In your ministry will you try to show the love and justice of Jesus Christ?”                                                                                   
Ordination Question

The Board of Deacons as set forth in scripture is one of service, witness and compassion. The ministry of Deacons as part of the ordained leadership of our church promotes the spiritual welfare of the church. They do this by ministering to those who may be friendless, sick, homeless, or in distress. The Deacons provide training and opportunities for the congregation to become equipped in the art of caring for one another. 

The office of Deacon carries an incredible responsibility that is both demanding and rewarding for the exact same reason. It involves dealing with people at the best and worst times of their lives. For those willing to be companions with people through life’s tragedies, disappointments and twists they will find themselves invited into the affirming warmth of those same family circles as they celebrate, recover and rejoice. We are expanded as human beings and most poignantly as Christians by our obedience to the life and works of Jesus Christ. As we go about the business of caring for the least of these, anointing the sick, weeping with those in grief and celebrating the joy of others we are touching lives with the living Spirit of Christ.  

Our primary task as Deacons is to have the wisdom, imagination and love that it takes to equip each member of our congregation to reach out to another person with a compassionate heart and be used by God to help transform his/her life. And at all times we must act with the humility of Christ, knowing that all good things come from the heart of God and it is a privilege to act as an ambassador of Christ. 

Deacon Moderator: Edwina Dunlap

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