Prayer Ministry

“The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know.” 1 Timothy 2:1

Here at FPC we deeply believe in prayer as a gift. And just as with any spiritual gift we have the privilege of using it to build up the church as well as encourage, comfort and bear witness to the healing light of God.

Prayer Ministry: Nancy Millette, chair

Q If I have a prayer concern or need that I want included in the prayer chain how do I make my needs known?
A There are several ways. 1) Fill out a prayer request card that is included in the Friendship Pad and put it in the collection plate on Sunday morning. Or 2) Contact the church office and ask for your prayer request to be passed on to the Prayer Chain.

Q Will I be contacted by the Prayer Ministry?
A Yes. As a practice of sensitive respect we will contact the person who made a prayer request. We ask the contact person to obtain permission from the person they are requesting to be on our prayer chain because their name will be added to our public list. This allows the person we are praying for to add our prayer team to their support team.

Q Can I be part of a prayer team?
A Absolutely! We welcome willing hearts that will be available to pray for the needs of our people.  Please contact Pastor Lisa Schrott with your interest

Love Letters
The Love Letter ministry is an active component of our prayer ministry. By signing the Love Letters on Sunday our members who are experiencing health or transitional issues are reminded that their church loves and cares for them and are lifting their needs to the Lord.  It is not essential that you personally know the person who will receive the letter because we are confident that the body of Christ reaching out transcends names on a page and becomes a warm hug of comfort and hope.

Prayer Project
The Prayer Project is a short term opportunity for every member in our church to experience the love and support of someone praying on their behalf. As summer approaches we ask for people to commit to prayer for a small list of people every day throughout the summer months. We have organized a way to let each person know who is praying for them and provide them with the name of their Prayer Friend but we leave it to them to make contact if they have a need. The responsibility of the Prayer Friend is simply to pray for those names every day through the summer. Look for more information as the time approaches and be a Prayer Friend this year!

Tuesday Morning Prayers
The staff of FPC gather every Tuesday for prayer and staff business. Our goal is to pray for every person in the church throughout each year. You will receive a letter in the mail as the week draws near to pray for you and your family. We ask for any special requests, needs or joys that you would like to share and they become part of our prayers that morning. It is one of the great privileges we have in serving Christ by serving you.