Pastoral Care

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I See Your Pain
by Anne Weems

I see your pain and want to banish it with the wave of a star, but have no star.
I see your tears and want to dry them with the hem of an angel’s gown, but have no angel.
I see your heart fallen to the ground and want to return it wrapped in cloths woven of rainbow, but have no rainbow.

God is the One
Who has stars, and angels and rainbows:
And I am the one God sends to sit beside you until the stars come out
and the angels dry your tears and your heart is back in place, rainbow blessed.

 Sometimes we need a listening ear, a caring hug or just to know someone cares. Other times we have practical needs like meals after a hospital stay, a ride to the doctor or someone to sit with a homebound loved one while you run to the store. The ministry of care that is provided by our clergy, officers and members is extensive and wonderfully accessible. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with all of our Deacon offerings. You may not need them today but it’s helpful to know what is available for the future and to be able to share with others you see in need. There is also a very real possibility that God’s spirit may nudge you to join one of our teams!

The Board of Deacons works with the clergy staff in providing ministries that serve the needs of our members who are hurting or suffering and in need of love and support.  Contact the church office at 843-681-3696 if in need of assistance.