Prayer Project

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The Prayer Project will begin July 1

Devotional booklet
Click the link below to download the devotional booklet, “A Practical Guide to Prayer.”
 Copies are available at the Welcome Center, Fellowship Hall and church office.
A Practical Guide to Prayer

Prayer is the gift of divine care that you can offer wherever you happen to be and whenever you have an opportunity.

The Prayer Project is a project of the Board of Deacons’ Prayer Ministry that launched at First Presbyterian Church in 2013.  The goal of this ministry is that every person who attends our church will be prayed for every day over the summer months by fellow Christians who have made this commitment.  The prayer lists will be assembled randomly from the church directory. 

You probably won’t know all of the people you will be praying for, but that’s OK.  God knows every detail of the lives of those you are praying for; simply trust God.  All you need to do is lift up their names before God and ask for God’s blessing on their lives.  It’s simple, yet powerful and life-changing.  The spiritual exercise of prayer is as much about your spiritual transformation as about those you pray for.