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What Matters Most in Your Life?


Create a Living Legacy                     

God has generously given us everything life has to offer; we choose to give in response to his rich blessings. Giving to First Presbyterian Church (FPC), in whatever form, is an act of faith whereby we put into action our spiritual inclinations and demonstrate our spiritual values, both now and to future generations. Our church is blessed with a rich heritage of spiritual experiences and Christian service to the community, both local and worldwide.

The purpose of the endowment program is to strengthen and expand the ministries and programs of the church. Just like you, the church must plan for the future and is beginning its first comprehensive campaign to strengthen its financial vitality through its Endowment Fund that will expand and enrich its ministry for years and generations to come.

How Does an Endowment Fund work?
An Endowment Fund is a universal pool of money that is invested and pays out a percentage of the funds value annually; the larger the Fund, the larger the annually payout. Each year the proceeds of the Fund may be used to expand and enrich our church’s ministries, where the need is greatest and also help fund special projects which the church may not otherwise be able to undertake financially. You can also establish a restricted gift to endowment. This is completely independent of the annual operating budget.

It’s easy and simple to become involved
This is an exciting opportunity, where you can make a gift to the Endowment Fund from your estate plan, it is easy and simple. This type of gift should not affect your current financial situation or cash flow during your lifetime. This is a wonderful way to support our church’s mission and for you to create a living legacy that will continue God’s work for generations to come.

Types of estate gifts you can make to the FPC Endowment Fund:

– A Bequest in your estate – Name FPC Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in your will or living trust for a percentage or specified dollar amount … more information: Making a Bequest Gift to the First Presbyterian Church
– Retirement fund – [IRAs, 401K, 403b, etc.]  Name the FPC as a beneficiary for a percentage or specified dollar amount … more information: Gifts of Retirement Assets
– Life insurance Policy – Name FPC as a beneficiary for a percentage or specified dollar amount  … more information: Gifts of Life Insurance
– Real Estate – Make a gift of your current or vacation home in your will or trust. You can also create a current life estate … more information: Gifts of Real Estate
– Outright Gifts of Cash, Stocks, or Bonds – A simple and easy way to make a current gift … more information: Making a Current Gift of Stocks and Bonds
– Create Charitable Trusts and Gift Annuities – These plans provide lifetime income for the donors; upon death assets go to FPC … more information: Charitable Gift Annuity and Remainder Unitrust
– Life Estate Reserved – Find out how you can make a gift to First Presbyterian Church of a remainder interest in your home, receive sizeable tax benefits now and continue living  in your home for the rest of your life … more information: Life Estate Reserved 

In closing
Here is what one of our donors said:

“I have the responsibility to decide how my assets will be allocated when I leave this earth. I want to help my family and also want to celebrate the glory of the Lord who has given me everything. A contribution to the FPC Endowment Fund which continues God’s work for many years after I’m gone is, for me, the ideal answer.”

We are very grateful to our members and friends who have already named the First Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund as a beneficiary in their estate plans or made a direct gift to the Fund.

Please consider becoming involved in this campaign by naming FPC as a beneficiary in your estate plans for the purpose of the Endowment Fund. This is a wonderful way to support the church’s mission and for you to create a living legacy that continues God’s work for generations to come.

To explore the giving options offered by our church; please call Susan Brannon, director of administration, at (843) 681-3696.  All discussions are confidential and without obligation.