Lenten Study


Join us for the Lenten study!

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Walking with the Psalms Devotional

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In the early church the season of Lent was a season of preparation. A time when people re-oriented their lives to prepare themselves for their coming baptisms, which took place on Easter. As we as a church enter the season of Lent we will be making a similar move with an all-church study of the Psalms. This all-church study will take place on multiple fronts. All are invited to participate in daily readings where, during the 40 days of Lent, we read through the entirety of the Psalter. We will be providing a small devotional on the Psalms that can be used as a personal resource for further study. So that small groups can participate in the Psalms study as well, we will also offer  small group materials to foster discussion in conjunction with the Lenten devotional. Lastly, our worship will be centered around the Psalms.

Why study the Psalms? There are several reasons. First, Martin Luther comments that the Psalms are “the Bible in miniature,” that is to say, in this one section of the Bible we see God at work in creation, we are continually reminded of the sovereignty of God, we see the suffering Messiah to come, and we are pushed to glorify the one who sits on God’s holy throne. Second, as it was said above, Lent is a season of re-orientation or preparation. A study of the Psalms presents us all with an intentional moment to study scripture, to spend time in God’s holy word, and in the process strengthen, or create, some spiritual disciplines.

Pastor Joel Wood
Associate Pastor of Discipleship