Bahati Scholars

by Susan Ngari, director, Bahati Scholarship program

The Bahati Scholarship program was initiated to support the boys and girls from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya and the less fortunate through Secondary education.

We carry out various activities to enable the students under this program not only to achieve their educational goals but also to nurture their character to be responsible people in future.

Through your financial support we are able to do the following for the students:
i.    Pay school fees.
ii.    Buy books and other educational materials.
iii.    Supply them with personal effects every term.
iv.    Provide them with transport to and from school.
v.    Provide them with monies for upkeep.
vi.    Visit them while in school and attend school meetings.

Rehabilitation is a process that can take a longer period than expected by many. This means 90% of our students come from the streets of Nairobi and they go for a 3 month rehabilitation process in their respective Bahati and Kayole centres before they start attending school at the Primary level. After the completion of Primary education we sponsor them through Secondary education, and we do the following as Nairobi Central Presbytery to make them at peer with other young youths in the society.
i.    Guidance and counseling.
ii.    Seminars.
iii.    Recreational activities.
iv.    Reconciliation and reintegration with relatives.
v.    Providing Christian Education.

Secondary students
This year we have 49 Secondary School students as indicated in the table below.

Form 1 5 4 9
Form 2 11 9 20
Form 3 5 7 12
Form 4 4 4 8
Total 25 24 49

Through your continued support we have been able to enrolled new students every year for 4 years now. The number of enrollment is determined by the number of sponsors that sacrifice to support the program. Every Student is matched with an individual or a group of sponsors.

Post- Secondary students
We have another group of 9 students who are post-secondary. Their respective sponsors continue providing financial support for them and they are all in university.

Through this program our students and sponsors are able to learn from one another on our tradition. This happens through communication and visitation.
During our school holidays we encourage our students to write letters to their sponsors and share their experiences, background and goals. The letters are then sent via the Social Workers email to ensure all students have done so. On the other hand, the sponsors respond and this encourages the students so much, seeing they are so worthy. We have visits after a while, especially during the Kenya mission network gatherings.   This gives us a chance to interact with one another and learn more. I suggest that we put this program of visitation in place so that we can have exchange of programs even in our churches.
The students are always eager to meet you and thus there is need of you visiting us once in a while here in Kenya especially during school holidays, April, August and December.

We all have a reason to smile after seeing how God uses us to change the lives of many and they become successful in life. Many have achieved their goal through this program and this encourages even our young youths to work hard. Our students getting chances to study in university is a success.
They study different courses that include:
i.    Finance
ii.    Diplomacy and international relations
iii.    Nutrition
iv.    Education
v.    Clinical medicine
vi.    Security management
vii.    Mathematics and computing. 

We have Catherine Ndinda, just to mention one, who is now taking a degree in clinical medicine and has become our consultant in the program. Wherever medical issues occur with our students she diagnoses and advises on medication accordingly.

Your continued support and commitment has given hope for a bright future to many and has made the young boys and girls fit in the society as responsible people.


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