Sunday Supper with Your Church Family

followed by Discipleship/Fellowship

Join us on Sunday evenings for supper and programming for Children, Youth, and Adults
*Fall program kick-offs on Sunday, September 9th
5:00 p.m. – Supper

5:40 p.m. – Foundations of Faith 

Foundations of Faith – Each week for 8 weeks we will look at a foundational piece of our Faith from the reformed lens, guided by the Apostles Creed.
What to expect

Week one – Triune God: God the Father 

Questions we will consider: Is there a God? How can we know? What evidence is there that God exists? Does it really matter? If God exists, what is God like?

Week two – Person of Jesus 

Questions we will consider: The Creed focuses on Death, Resurrection & Reigh, what is the importance of these elements? What about the Life of Christ?

Week three – Work of Jesus

Questions we will consider: Who is the Holy Spirit, What does the Holy Spirit do, why does the Holy Spirit matter?

Week four – Holy Spirit Week five –  The Church Week six – Forgiveness Week seven – Resurrection & Life Everlasting Week eight – Scripture