Back-to-Worship FAQs

1.  Do I have to register to attend worship?  No.  Attendance is first come, first served.  The sanctuary will be filled first with overflow seating in the         

     Gathering Space. Those seated in the Gathering Space will view the service on monitors.  In an effort to limit the time together, please do not arrive       

     before 9:45 AM. The service begins at 10 AM. 


2.  What will the service be like? Most worship leaders will be present in the sanctuary for the service. Music will be live or prerecorded.


3.  Will there still be an online worship option?  Yes.  Livestream will be available on Vimeo, YouTube or directly from our website.  The link will be sent       

     out on Saturday.


4.  What time should I arrive?  Arrive between 9:45 – 10:00 AM.  Enter through the main doors (narthex), South wing or Administrative entrances.  

5.  Will there be bulletins?  Yes.  You may pick up a bulletin in the narthex prior to entering the Sanctuary.


6.  What sanitary precautions are being taken?  The facility will be cleaned and sanitized before and after worship.


7.  Will I have to wear a mask?  As of Sunday, June 13, masks will not be required for those fully vaccinated.

8.  Will I get to choose my own seat?  All the pews are now open for seating. Look for the blue tape on the back of the pews to know where to sit. Families       may sit together. James Chapel is available for those who wish to remain masked and social distanced.


9.  Will we be singing?  If unmasked, sing in your hearts; if masked, you may sing out loud. Choir members will be masked when singing.

10. How will we take communion when it is served?  Elements will be available in the narthex prior to entering the Sanctuary.


11. Will restrooms be available?  Yes


12. Does it matter where I park? No.  Please reserve the closest spots for those who may not be as mobile as you.


13. Can we talk with our friends in the building before or after worship?  Yes, however, we ask that fellowship take place after exiting the sanctuary.


14. Will the nursery be available?  What about Sunday school for children and youth?  Children of all ages are welcome to worship with their families             and the nursery is open for infants and children up to age 4.  There is Sunday school for children during worship in fellowship hall.  Youth fellowship 

       meets Wednesday evenings outdoors on the church campus. 


15. Will there be Sunday school for adults?  Some adult Sunday school classes are meeting. Other adult classes are taking a summer sabbatical, but will            resume in the fall. Call the church office to learn more.


16. Will the pastors be preaching shorter sermons?  It depends on what the Holy Spirit is up to!


If you have other questions, send them to