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2020 - The Year of the Tailgate for FPC


To enable us to enjoy fellowship - and, during the time of COVID be safely distanced - we had two tailgating events, one in the fall and one in December. We think that all of those who participated would be happy to tell you about the fun they had and the warmth shared as people saw one another and were able to interact safely. 

Fall Tailgate Event


Jingle & Mingle Tailgate Event

fall tailgate 2 (2).jpg
fall tailgate 6 (2).jpg
fall tailgate 4 (2).jpg
fall tailgate 5.jpg
fall tailgate 7.jpg
fall tailgate 3.jpg
Dec tailgate 2 (2).jpg
Dec tailgate.jpg
Dec tailgate 3.jpg
Dec tailgate 6.jpg
Dec tailgate 5.jpg
Dec Tailgate.jpg
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