Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, 
as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
A Message from the Stewardship Committee – sent May 30, 2020
Our Hands, so naturally extended to greet others, are not even supposed to be touching our own face these days. The handshake has for centuries been a gesture of friendship that was powerful and trusting. Yet today, in this time of an invisible pathogen, we have had to give up an action that is virtually second nature. Our Hands, however, can be used in many ways to respond to God’s Gift of love and grace.
The Board of Deacons has implemented a calling ministry to reach out to those in our church who are alone, or have health problems, or just need to have a connection during this challenging time. In addition, swift planning by the deacons got the annual Prayer Project off to an early start. They are doing so much to keep FPC members connected to God and each other.
First Presbyterian Church volunteers have been busy making masks for first responders, community nonprofits, and fellow church members. So far, they have used their hands to make over 700 masks…and their work continues!
Other members of our church have responded to God’s Gift by using their hands to carry bags full of non-perishable food to the church, helping to restock our People-In-Need closet for those with financial challenges. The response has been so great that, once our closet was full, we were able to make regular donations to Deep Well, Bluffton Self Help, and other local food pantries and soup kitchens to supplement their ministries as well. Truly, Our Hands at First Presbyterian are busy even in our distancing.  
The work of Our Hands is motivated by what is in our hearts and minds. To that end, our pastors have been faithfully working to provide us with inspiring thoughts and comforting words through regular emails and virtual worship. Pastors Will and Lisa have provided food for our minds and souls with frequent electronic communication to our congregation and beyond. Add to that the music, prayers, and scriptures delivered by members and staff that lift our spirits when we need it most.
The Stewardship Committee is very grateful for all the hands doing God’s work through our congregation. Why not take a minute to think of one way you might use your hands to respond to God’s Gift today. Jesus calls us to do it. The world needs it. God’s Gift – Our Hands. We’re all in this together.
Jane Upshaw, chair
Debbie Berling
Kaye Black 
Wade Close 
Ellie Dagle 
Jeff Myers 
John Simpson 
Brian Thoreson
Bob Wallhaus 
A Letter of Thanks from the Stewardship Committee – sent May 16, 2020
The familiar rhythms of life are incredibly comforting.  When the pace of daily life is interrupted, as it is now, we realize just how precious those little habits are that create these rhythms.  At this difficult time, we are grateful that you’re still giving as you are able.  Every day we see how you’ve maintained your giving rhythm, faithfully honoring your tithes and pledges during this time of great uncertainty.  We are grateful for and comforted by your faithfulness.  On behalf of First Presbyterian Church and its vital ministries, we offer our heartfelt thanks.  Also, if you’ve been hit especially hard financially at this time, please let us know how we might help you.
Jane Upshaw, chair
Debbie Berling
Kaye Black 
Wade Close 
Ellie Dagle 
Jeff Myers 
John Simpson 
Brian Thoreson
Bob Wallhaus 
Stewardship Update

First Presbyterian Church will keep the stewardship theme this year unchanged because it is such a powerful reminder that God’s Gift of salvation calls us to respond by offering Our Hands to accomplish His will. This is especially true during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  Matthew 6:25 Jesus tells us not to be anxious. He isn’t saying that we shouldn’t act responsibly or make plans, but that we mustn’t live in fear about temporary details because those will change. Our real needs –peace, hope, joy, meaning, strength and courage – can only be met by trusting in God—right now and every day.

While our church building is no longer hosting large groups, the ministries of the church are alive and evolving.  Our pastors, the very capable staff, and the Session are working hard to pivot toward electronic delivery of Joyous Worship, Prayerful Study, Sacrificial Service, Caring Connections, and Gracious Invitations.  We are creating new ways to carry out our Mission: In Christ United, we are devoted to Changing Lives…Making Disciples.  Our pastors and the staff cannot and should not do this alone; this is a perfect time to live out our Vision of Every Member in Ministry. 

What are our responsibilities?  First, we should be faithful in our Joyful Worship even when it is delivered to us electronically.  The reality that we worship together, even from our own homes, is a powerful testament to our belief in God’s Gift.  Second, we as faithful believers should practice Prayerful Study using the materials we are receiving from FPC.  The power of prayer is palpable and so needed in our world right now.  Pray for the doctors, nurses, medical personnel, and first responders.  Pray for our leaders locally, state-wide, nationally and globally.  And, pray for our church as we turn to new ways to deliver the message and meaning of Christian discipleship.  God is listening to our prayers, and He will see us through even this most challenging time.

Lastly, we need to continue our giving so that our various ministries can adapt to the new normal in a community that has many needs right now.  Continued giving during times of uncertainty is crucial, not only to meet the increased need, but also to show our complete confidence in and dependence on our Lord. Jesus urged us over and over again to act from a place of love, unafraid.  He invites us to face challenging times with fearless generosity.

The times are uncertain.  God’s love is not.  How will you respond to God’s Gift?  The work of Our Hands is dependent on your faithful response and continued commitment to the mission of FPC. 

Stewardship Update as of December 16, 2019

Stewardship Update:  The Stewardship Committee extends a grateful THANK YOU to all of you who have made
your pledge for 2020.  If you have yet to make your pledge, please do so as soon as possible.  As of December 16,
pledges of $1,701,104 have been received toward a goal of $1,960,691.  We have been blessed beyond measure
at First Presbyterian.  Our response to Gods Gift of love and grace is shown with our individual and
collective commitment to FPC’s mission, vision and values. With Our Hands, manifested through the gift
of our treasures to First Presbyterian, we affirm our deep and abiding responsibility
as stewards to glorify Him, serve the greater good and further His kingdom. God is waiting . . .


The Stewardship Committee:

Lamar Bell ~ Debbie Berling ~ Kaye Black ~ Wade Close

Bill Kuttruff ~ Bob Wallhaus

Jane Upshaw, Chair



Your contribution to FPC could result in tax benefits to you.  Here’s how…

IRA Charitable Rollover is Permanent


The Stewardship Committee would like to make you aware of this option as you consider your gifts to First Presbyterian Church. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a pledge or donation to First Presbyterian Church for up to $100,000 per year directly from your IRA without incurring any adverse federal income tax consequences.  The distribution counts for the purpose of the Required Minimum Distribution from IRAs, but is not included in calculating the individual taxpayer’s limitation on charitable deductions in the year the donation was made.

Please consult your financial adviser regarding IRS regulations on deductibility.

Stewardship Campaign
November 2019 Article (from November First Press)


Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others,

as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.  1 Peter 4:10

Changing lives…Making disciples.  The mission we have set for ourselves as members of First Presbyterian Church communicates our deep desire to bring Christ’s good news to the world.  We transform our faith into action through our shared values of Joyful Worship, Gracious Invitation, Prayerful Study, Sacrificial Service and Caring Connections.  These values define our congregation, our vision and our work individually and collectively.
Over the past several weeks, we have learned how our giving impacts our shared values.  Just as these values define our life together, they also define how we use our resources.  This year, the Finance Committee has  examined how your gifts of time and treasure are allocated to the values we embrace.  Every dollar you give is used to further our mission of changing lives and making disciples as described in the chart to the right.
The stewardship goal for the coming year, $2,207,909, reflects the needs of the various committees tasked with implementing our values. Committee chairs and the Finance Committee have worked diligently to develop a budget supporting the many ministries of our church, while at the same time controlling spending. Our dedicated staff and volunteer leaders are energetically working to keep First Presbyterian vibrant, relevant and safe, all the while gradually modernizing to keep pace with the times.  We plan to continue updating technologies used to ensure the care and safety of our children and families and enhancing our digital ability to connect with one another. This underscores the commitment to our values of Gracious Invitation, Prayerful Study and Caring Connections. As we seek to be faithful to our value of Sacrificial Service, we have increased funding for the outreach portion of our budget. Overall, the 2020 ASKing Budget includes an increase of $59,000 over the 2019 Budget, an increase that is critical to meet growing needs as we answer our call to serve.
November 10th will be an historical day in the life of our church.  It is the 62nd anniversary of the founding of First Presbyterian on Hilton Head Island, the day we welcome Dr. Will Robinson as our new pastor and Commitment Sunday.  We are at a rich and storied history of deep commitment to the mission, vision and values of our church. Giving is a fiscal reflection of this commitment.
This year’s stewardship theme, God’s Gift…Our Hands, comes from I Peter 4:10.  It reminds us that we are all recipients of God’s incredible love and grace, a Gift we receive free and clear, but undeserved.  We are called to steward this gift by serving others with Our Hands, manifested by our time and treasures.
When you fill out your pledge card, you will join the church officers – the Elders and Deacons – who have pledged already.  Like them, you are saying with your pledge, “I am all-in” to support our new pastor, our exciting future and our missional values.
Transform your faith into action today!
              Jane Upshaw                                                        Amy Cross
              Stewardship Committee Chair                            Finance Committee Chair
October 2019 Article (from October First Press)
Growing up, we were often told to those whom much is given, much is expected.  We have been blessed to live in a country that provides many opportunities for success.  In comparison to the world, we have more than plenty to live our lives in relative comfort and ease.  Ours is a life of abundance.  Since Easter, members of the Stewardship Committee have thought about the stewardship of time and talents.  We have heard the stories of those among us who freely share their God-given abilities in service to the Lord.  As fall approaches, we now turn our focus to the stewardship of treasures.
The stewardship theme this year is God’s Gift…Our Hands.  Stewardship is our grateful response to God’s Gift.  What should our response look like?  We have an endless number of scripture passages to instruct us.  All of them make God’s expectation abundantly clear.  We are to give back in proportion to how we have been blessed.
In the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), Jesus teaches us to take God’s Gift and put it back into the world, causing it to multiply.  Then, this wonderful parable teaches us to return the gift in the same measure as it was earned, in anticipation of hearing, “Well done thou good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a little, I will give you dominion over much.”
As we continue our stewardship journey now to focus on the stewardship of treasures, we invite you to hear God’s call to give back in proportion to your blessings.  First Presbyterian Church of Hilton Head Island needs your support to continue reaching out into our community and beyond.  How will you be a faithful steward of God’s GiftHow can we use Our Hands to gratefully respond to the abundance of blessings we have received?  Surely, when we invest in the work of the Lord, the reward is priceless.  Join us on the journey.
Jane Upshaw
Stewardship Committee Chair

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