“What would you do for the Glory of God
if you knew you could not fail?”
FPC Youth Attended Leadership Conference 
June 22-24
Three high school seniors – Kelsey Brandt,  Sophee Schirmer & Jordan Wilhelm –
attended the virtual conference focused on building future leaders.
Adults who participated were Hannah Kreoger, Director of Ministry with Youth,
and Mrs. Roberta Foss, an FPC deacon.
“The best experience I had attending Student Leadership University was
listening to the speaker on being a diverse leader. He addressed a very current topic and
presented us with ways to become diverse leaders that are rooted in Christian ideas.
Often times with the issue of racism people are quick to point out problems and never offer
ideas on improvement. This conference helped to educate me on ways to use my faith
to grow as a leader and hopefully make improvements in areas such as racial injustice.”
                                                                 Senior Jordan Wilhelm 
Here’s what Kelsey Brandt shared about her experience this week:
“This week at SLU I learned so many things about leadership and
about making your dreams possible. I am now better prepared for managing my time
in college and in my future jobs. We explored the different types of leaders
which enabled us to better understand how we each individually can become better leaders.
We had the fun experience of taking little gifts out of our box that represented
the things the speakers were talking about.
They will forever remind us of the steps we have to take
to be better individuals in our everyday lives.”
“My favorite thing about SLU was getting to listen to all the speakers.
I also loved that all the speeches that were given relate to  
something going on in my life. And – most importantly –
helped me get closer to God and maybe helped others get closer to God.”
                                                 -Senior Sophee Schirmer
FPC member Roberta Foss helped with the conference.
Here’s what she said about her impressions of SLU:
“The story telling and ways in which the speakers shared their knowledge and skills
were easily relatable and transferable to the young thinkers, turning them
into critical thinkers and thought provokers was quite ‘imaginable.’ 
Kudos to your team for making it as personal as possible under
the unfortunate circumstances – not being able to share
the whole interpersonal experience of Orlando, Disney and all the Magic.”
Join the FPC Youth Group Challenge
On Wednesday, February 12, before the Wednesday night dinner, youth and 
adults participated in an inter-generational activity to get to know one another.
Wow – thank you Eliza Jane for planning this awesome evening of fun! 
On Sunday, February 2, FPC’s Youth Group
collected money between each worship service
for the Souper Bowl of Caring. 
FPC Youth Group raised $1,850!!
Members of Youth Group Had an
Incredible Experience at the Winter Retreat
It was a fabulous, festive Christmas party!
Adventures in Music
Adventures in Music is a fun, energetic and Christ-centered youth choir. We gather after school on Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m.
Due to COVID-19, AIM is not meeting at this time.


Sunday School
9:45 a.m. in the Youth Room

“The Story”

What is “The Story”?
The Story takes a chronological look at scripture from Genesis to Revelation over the span of 31 weeks and is organised to read like a chapter book. But more importantly the story is accessible for everyone from young to old, from first time Bible readers, to longtime Sunday school attendees. This fall we will be going through “The Story” together.
How can you participate?
First and foremost READ ALONG! Even if you don’t
How can you participate?
First and foremost READ ALONG! Even if you don’t attend a Sunday School, we will be engaging the texts and themes in worship as well as providing a reading schedule for you to follow along with your children.
Books will be available for purchase from the church offices or in the Gathering Space starting August 18th. Parents that buy the adult book ($5) will receive a corresponding book for the age of their children for free.
Children: Read along in“The Story for Little Ones,” (3-5 years old) “The Story for Children,” 
(6-4th grade) or “The Story for Kids” (5th & 6th grade) 
Attend any or all of the following; Sunday school at 9:45 a.m.,
Children’s Church at 11 a.m., WOW worship at 5:15 p.m. on Wednesdays.
Youth: Read along in “The Story – Student Edition” Attend Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. & Youth Group Wednesday nights, Worship on Sunday Mornings
Parents: Read along in “The Story” ($5)
Attend Family Faith at 9:45 a.m. (Sunday School), Worship on Sunday Mornings,
WOW Worship at 5:15 Wednesdays with your children.
No matter how you choose, please participate as we all read this life changing Story together.
Reading Schedule:
1/26 Ch. 16 The Beginning of the End
2/2 Ch. 17 The Kingdoms’ Fall
2/9 Ch. 18 Daniel in Exile
2/16 Ch. 19 The Return Home
2/23 Ch. 20 The Queen of Beauty and Courage
3/1 Ch. 21 Rebuilding the Walls
3/8 Ch. 22 The Birth of the King
3/15 Ch. 23 Jesus’ Ministry Begins
3/22 Ch. 24 No Ordinary Man
3/29 Ch. 25 Jesus Son of God
4/5 Ch.26 The Hour of Darkness
4/12 Ch. 27 The Resurrection
4/19 Ch. 28 New Beginnings
4/26 Ch. 29 Paul’s Mission
5/3 Ch. 30 Paul’s Final Days
5/10 Ch. 31 The End of Times


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Youth in Action
      Middle School: Camp Inferno, July 8-12, Awanita Valley