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Recommendations Needed for Church Officers – Class of 2020

Your recommendations of names of people you feel would be good representatives of First Presbyterian Church to serve as deacons or elders, Class of 2020, are needed. Please complete the form available in the Sunday bulletin or on the website, and bring or mail it to the church office or drop it in the collection plate by June 30.  According to the Book of Order, individuals who undertake particular ministries including ruling elder and deacon, should be persons of strong faith, dedicated discipleship and love of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Comments about a candidate’s personal qualities and church involvement allow the 2016 Nominating Committee to make informed decisions.  Tell us about their gifts, talents and active involvement in the church and/or community.

Fill out the form in the Sunday bulletin or click this link for the officer nomination form on the church website:
2017 Church officer recommendation form

Thank you – Pat Myers, chair
2017 Nominating Committee


Click the links below for the following documents:

2016 annual report

Church Bylaws

220th General Assembly Report

Our Local Church Government – Session:
Session, the governing body of First Presbyterian Church of Hilton Head Island, is ultimately responsible for the oversight of all local church programs. The Session is composed of the ministers and elders elected by the congregation. Elders are elected for a three-year term with nine elders elected each year. The Session meets monthly and works through its committees. Have you served as a church officer at a previous church? Could this be a place for you? The church is always seeking people to be active on its boards, committees, and subcommittees. If you have an interest, please call the church office. We need your gifts and talents!

SESSION: Moderator:  Dr. Douglas K. Fletcher; Clerk of Session: Michele Green
Class of 2017:  Debbie Berling, Kaye Black, Lindsay Bunting, Dona Butcher, Ty Cook, Susan Glenn, Jim Robinson, Bob Wallhaus, Paul Walter
Class of 2018:  Vic Arrington, Barry Barthelman, Richard Burnette, Angie Greenfield, George Grotz, Freddie Hodges, John Lundin, Pat Myers, Anne Senf
Class of 2019: Jack Alderman, Lamar Bell, Rocky Dunlap, Dawn Edgington, Ed Ehrlich, Sissy Jarrell, Mark June, Mary Noonan, Jane Upshaw

Committee chairs: Building & Grounds – George Grotz; Christian Education: John Lundin; Finance – Paul Walter; Membership+Evangelism: Freddie Hodges; Nominating – Pat Myers Greenfield; Outreach Ministry – Jim Robinson; Personnel – Richard Burnette; Planning & Research – Kaye Black; Stewardship – Angie Greenfield; Worship & Music – Lyndsay Bunting

Click link below for highlights of recent Session meetings:
Highlights of Session meetings


The Board of Deacons
The Board of Deacons as set forth in scripture is one of service, witness and compassion.  The ministry of Deacons as part of the ordained leadership of our church promotes the spiritual welfare of the church. They do this by ministering to those who may be friendless, sick, homeless, or in distress. The Deacons provide training and opportunities for the congregation to become equipped in the art of caring for one another.

Deacon Moderator: Edwina Dunlap
Prayer Ministry: Nancy Millette, chair
Staff liaison:  Rev. Lisa Schrott

Click link below for more information about the Deacons:
Deacon Roles and Responsibilities

Class of 2017: Mary-Stuart Alderman, Lynn Cordy, Edwina Dunlap, Doug Jones, Nancy Millette, Anne Palagyi, Randy White
Class of 2018: Richard Allen, Betsy Baker, Cheryl Barthelman, Frances Ferrene, Mike Garvey, Nancy Heberling, Ken Hiatt
Class of 2019: Mary Jo Bird, Jan Cale, Gaylon Greger, Linda Holmes, Lois Lunaradini, Sally Stracener, Kathy Willard