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What is FPC's Prayer Project?















We have all experienced the power of prayer – it is a source of strength, wisdom and guidance. Jesus prayed and encouraged us to pray. Prayer is one of the greatest gifts and privileges we have as Christians. It’s God’s gift of His time to be available for conversation at any time of the day or night. There are many people who need prayer – Paul reminds us to put others ahead of our needs and by offering prayers for the relief of others and sharing their burdens and joys, our burdens seem lighter and our joys more magnificent. That is what our 2021 Prayer Project strives for.


The annual Prayer Project is starting and you can be a part of this congregational journey. Participating gives us all the ability to truly live our core church value of Caring Connections by praying for others. The Prayer Project connects volunteering church members to fellow congregants for whom they are asked to pray during the Prayer Project period (July 1—August 31). It is easy and rewarding! During this process, prayers are raised on behalf of every FPC church member.


Additionally, the first Serve Sunday will be on June 27 and the theme is Prayer. The focus will be promoting and involving our intergenerational ministry. Deacons will be available following the service on June 27 to participate with you in Serve Sunday, answer your questions about the Prayer Project and help you sign up.

We need your help! By volunteering to pray for other church members during the eight weeks of the project, you will have an opportunity to participate in a community of care and prayer. 


· Every church member will be assigned someone who will be praying for them during the Prayer Project. 

· We need at least 80 volunteers this year to pray for our church members. Each volunteer will be assigned approximately eight      to ten church households for whom they will pray. 

· We ask that you include them in your regular prayers and ask for God’s blessing, guidance, help and love as you pray for them. 


Prayer is a gift of care and connection that you can offer wherever you happen to be and whenever you have an opportunity.


Registration is required by June 21. It is easy to sign up.

· Register online, click here

· Call the church office, 843.681.3696