A Message from Senior Pastor Will Robinson
May 28, 2020
At its May meeting this past Tuesday, Session voted to keep our campus closed to church activities through at least July 5 and to outside organizations through at least August 31
On one hand, this was a hard decision because Session knows just how much in-person Christian community – worship, study, fellowship, and prayer – means and matters.  On the other
hand, Session weighed a number of factors/variables that led it to vote not to reopen the church 
yet.  To see a list of some of the rationale for its decision, especially with respect to Sunday worship, click here.
As part of its decision on Tuesday, Session did approve allowing current church officers and the People In Need (PIN) Ministry to have limited access to the building (e.g., so officers can access their mailboxes) within prescribed times with social distancing and other safety protocols.  Session also approved the Day School Board’s request to reopen on June 15.  (Note:  The Day School is not an outside organization but a special mission of FPC.)  There will be sanitation and safety protocols in place to protect Day School children and staff as well as FPC staff and congregation.
At its next meeting on June 23, Session will consider a phased plan to reopen the church campus.  We’re still hammering out the details of Sunday worship as the primary part of that phased plan.  We’re also exploring several short worship opportunities at the church (and via Zoom) during the week for no more than ten people at a time with social distancing and other safety protocols.  So, we foresee some worship and possibly other ministry opportunities at the church after
July 5.
At this time, then, here’s a summary of how we’re living our Values for Ministry:
Joyful Worship & Gracious Invitation
  • We’ll worship on Sundays at 10:00 AM through July 5 via a pre-recorded service posted on      our website or live stream.  Invite someone to join us!
  • Beginning June 7, we’ll begin our summer sermon series, “Answering Your Questions!” and          you’ve provided us with a number of heartfelt, insightful, and thought-provoking questions.
  • We’re exploring an online “friendship pad/register” to connect with our virtual visitors.
  • In June, we’ll begin a series of new member classes (via Zoom).
Prayerful Study (via Zoom)
  • Children’s Ministry connects with families for W.O.W. (We’re On Wednesdays) worship and            Sunday school.  To join them, email Jackie Wilhelm at jwilhelm@fpchhi.org.
  • Youth Ministry meets for fellowship on Wednesdays and Sunday school.  To join them, email          Hannah Kreoger at hkreoger@fpchhi.org.
  • Both Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry are exploring ministry opportunities for this                summer.
  • Several classes/groups for adults are meeting, including small groups, Sunday morning                classes, and even a small group for new members/ visitors.  To learn more or join one of them,        email sbrannon@fpchhi.org.
Sacrificial Service
  • We’re collecting the following canned goods and other items for local food pantries and              soup kitchens:  canned soup, tuna or chicken, Chef Boyardee, canned fruit, peanut butter, jelly,      pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, breakfast bars, soap, shampoo, lotion and toothpaste.  Bag your            items and place them in the blue plastic bin outside the double doors to the church office.  We’ll      exercise appropriate safety precautions before distributing them.
  • We’re making masks to help protect people during this pandemic.  If you need a mask yourself,      let us know by emailing asiebold@fpchhi.org.
  • We appreciate your tithes, pledges and gifts to help us do God’s work in this pandemic.          You can give via the GIVE button on our website, mailing a check to the church, or a text (to            77977, typing FPCHHI; you’ll receive a one-time reply with a link to give to First Presbyterian          Church.)
Caring Connections
  • If you’re a member or visitor, send your contact info to info@fpchhi.org so you can receive            weekly emails with updates, devotionals, and other crucial information in this stressful time.
  • If you’d like someone to pray for you, email pastor Lisa at lschrott@fpchhi.org or                              info@fpchhi.org.  As part of the Deacon’s Prayer Project, a Prayer Partner will pray for you.
  • You’re also welcome to call the church or email confidential prayer requests to the pastors.
While the doors of the church aren’t yet open to Sunday worship and other activities, we’ve never stopped worshiping the Lord.  For wherever two or three are gathered in His name, the Lord is there! And we’ve never stopped exploring God’s holy word.  And we’ve never stopped loving our neighbors, particularly those in need.  Indeed, my prayer is that the Spirit will take the lessons we’ve learned and our experience in this unique time and use them to help us be ever more faithful in following our Lord and Savior at and through FPC.
First Presbyterian Church 
of Hilton Head Island
540 William Hilton Parkway
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
With questions, write to info@fpchhi.org